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This is a Labrador Retriever puppy.

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States, Canada, and Australia. They are also called Labs for short. This breed is owned by millions of people. Labs are loving and people-oriented dogs. They are very loyal and loving to their families. Labs are good-natured and trustworthy. They're dependable and easy-going. Labs are very stable, they aren't easily upset or scared. They are very affectionate with their families and desire plenty of close physical contact They thrive on human companionship and attention. Labs are highly intelligent, highly trainable, and learn your commands very quickly. They are, in fact, the seventh smartest dog breed in the world. Labs are gentle and patient with children, even if the child's behavior is bratty. They love to run and play with children, but they should be taken, as they may accidently knock over a small child. Labs physically grow very quickly, but continue acting like puppies until they're about four years old. They are not a good guard dog. But are good therapy workers, guide dogs, hunters, and a good search and rescue dog. They were origanally founded in Newfoundland, Canada. Since the name Newfoundland was already taken they named the breed after the sea the like fetching and swiming in. Which was of course the Labrador Sea. The Labradors have a great, friendly temperament and love to run around with their family.

Other InformationEdit

Height: Males—22½ to 24½ inches at the withers;

Females—21½ to 23½ inches

Weight: Males—65 to 80 lbs;

Females—55 to 70 lbs.

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