(often misspelled as Todd) is a fox and the main protagonist of Disney's 1981 feature film The Fox and the Hound and its 2006 midquel, along with Copper. He becomes best friends with Copper the hound dog, despite the fact that the two should be natural enemies

Tod is a young fox pup, who is orphaned at the beginning of the film when a hunter kills his mother. Scared and alone, he meets Big Mama, a large owl who takes pity on him and helps the pup to find a new home. With the help of Dinky and Boomer, Big Mama gets the attention of Widow Tweed, and Tod is taken in by the kindly lady. She names the pup Tod, as he reminds her of a toddler.

Midquel Edit

. The second film takes place prior to Copper going hunting with The second film takes place prior to Copper going hunting with Feeling abandoned, Tod works with Dixie, whom Copper had replaced, to get Copper to leave the band. Tod lures Copper's owner, Amos Slade, and his other dog, Chief, to the fair and sabotages the band's performance in front of a talent scout. Copper is fired and returns home. However, the band is conflicted over Copper's firing and breaks up, leaving Tod regretful. 


Although he is shown regularly as a pup and adult (adult Tod is known as 'Tod' and young Tod is referred to as Young Tod; also, he has more screen time as an adult in the original movie),  

☀Possibly 7 or 5 years old as a pup, and a majority of the film and it's midquel focuses on his youth, during his initial scenes with Copper.

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